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Developing Technologies to Transform Gastroenterology

ProTractX3 is an investigational device in the United States. Limited by federal law to clinical investigational use.
Drug Coated Balloon in Esophageal and Bowel Strictures. Balloon Dilation & Medical balloons.  ProTractX3.

ProTractX3™ 3-Stage TTS DCB

(Drug Coated Balloon)


GIE Medical is a clinical stage company conducting trials in the US helping patients who suffer from benign stricture(s) of the:

• Esophagus

• Bowel (small intestine, colon, and rectum)

GIE Medical’s Drug Coated Balloon could offer a new solution for treating GI strictures. Potentially creating sustained patency and reducing the number of treatments.


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  • Dilation with rigid or balloon dilatators

  • 30-40% of patients experience symptomatic recurrence within one year of successful dilation1

1 Said A, Brust DJ; Predictors of early recurrence of benign esophageal strictures; Am J Gastroenterology, 2003

If you are a patient 22 and older with benign stricture disease of the esophagus or large and small bowel and would like to be considered for the clinical study, click here. 



Lixiao Wang, PhD

Founder and Chief Executive Officer 
Lutonix Co-Founder/CTO and Urotronic Founder/CTO               Prior experience includes: Lutonix, Urotronic, Boston Scientific, and EV3 

Peter Barnett

Chief Operating Officer
Prior experience includes: Urotronic, Spectranetics, Covidien, EV3, and SurModics

Harrison Malinoff

VP of Operations and Quality
Prior experience includes: Philips, Lutonix, SurModics

James Ness

Chief Financial Officer 
Prior experience includes: BHI, Rotation Medical and Tendyne

Sew-Wah Tay, PhD

VP of Clinical and Regulatory 
Prior experience includes: Boston Scientific, AMS and Libra Medical

Ian Shorn

VP of Clinical Affairs
Prior experience includes: Urotronic, NAMSA, Lutonix

Drew McClure

Vice President Market Development

Prior experience includes: 
Medtronic, Boston Scientific

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Recent News:

From iGIE: GIE Medical's drug coated balloon for esophageal strictures shows promising results.

iGIE published initial findings from the INGEST Study that examined the development and initial clinical experience with ProTractX3 DCB for the treatment of benign difficult esophageal strictures, finding that drug-coated balloons can be safely applied with clinically relevant increases in esophageal lumen at one year with symptomatic improvement.

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GIE Medical Announces First Patient Enrolled in PATENT-E Benign Esophageal Stricture Treatment Study


The large, multicenter randomized controlled clinical trial is evaluating the safety and efficacy of the ProTractX3™ TTS drug coated balloon for the treatment of benign esophageal strictures

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